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    Building Upon Outstanding

    Building Upon Outstanding

    As the academic year draws to a close and pupils and staff at Brighton College Al Ain say goodbye to one another for the summer, this unique and successful school continues to forge ahead and everyone at the campus looks forward to what the new term will bring.

    When the school opens its doors again in September a brand new extension to the junior school will open, comprising of eight classrooms and a second multi-purpose hall. The BCAA coffee shop will be unveiled and an extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular range of opportunities will be rolled out. A bespoke, after school care program will be introduced and a brand new system of rewards will be launched. In addition to all of this, it will be the five year anniversary of the opening of Brighton College Al Ain.

    But these are just a few of the exciting undertakings BCAA has ready for next term and the school’s innovative attitude and forward thinking manner doesn’t end there.

    This is a school that has been built up from the dunes in Abu Dhabi’s cultural heart and is now home to over 980 pupils, all safely schooled in a modern, iconic 28-acre campus. In five short years, Brighton College Al Ain has been judged as “Outstanding” in its last two ADEK reports, with the provision for pupils deemed to be outstanding in the classroom, particularly in English, Mathematics and Science. This is undoubtedly a school that knows no bounds when it comes to offering enriching and inspiring experiences combined with the very best teaching. Its highly regarded innovative approach when delivering personalised learning, which works with a pupil’s strengths, needs and interests, ultimately prepares them perfectly for the next stages of their education.

    Brighton College Al Ain is very proud be a hub of the local community and we understand the importance of fostering our relationships and partnerships with local businesses here in Al Ain. This is where innovation happens and the engagement in school-business partnerships enhance goodwill, create a stronger community presence for businesses, and an all-round more cohesive and symbiotic community.

    Brighton College Al Ain actively looks to businesses who show a desire to align themselves with a high performing school. The College aims to engage in cross promotional activities which give us the ability to offer a greater range of vocational opportunities to pupils.

    Ali and Sons, the well-known Al Ain dealer of Porsche, Audi, VW and Skoda, now have an active working partnership with the College and offer opportunities to pupils in Engineering, Marketing and Sales. This partnership will also see Porsche providing a driving workshop at the school in October, and a collaboration towards the forthcoming National Day celebrations in November.

    AAESGC, WADI Adventure, Bounce and Polished Luxury Spa have also recently engaged in school-business partnerships with the College and regularly participate in incentives for pupils and staff during the many Wellbeing events held throughout the academic year. In September the College will begin introducing sporting activities at well-known WADI Adventure, with kayaking, surfing, white water rafting all on the PE and ECA menu.

    So even though it’s time to close the doors on teaching and learning for the summer holidays, Brighton College Al Ain are already planning a range of exciting opportunities ready to welcome pupils and staff, old and new, back for another exciting and productive year.

    The only Al Ain School ranked “Outstanding” by Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge is now open for Bursary applications for September 2018. Why settle for ‘Good’ when you can have ‘Outstanding’!

    Contact 03 713 3999 (Ext 914) or email for more information.