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    Head Girl and Head Boy are the learners of today, leading tomorrow

    Head Girl and Head Boy are the learners of today, leading tomorrow

    Brighton College Al Ain is thrilled to announce the appointment of Malak Ismail as Head Girl and Aditya Kanojia as Head Boy.

    The two Upper Sixth pupils were selected after a rigorous interview process and will represent the pupil body for the coming academic year. The Head Boy and Head Girl lead the prefect team and represent all of the College pupils at official events and occasions.

    Malak has been at BCAA for four years and is currently studying Art and Design, Physics and Mathematics. She was the highest performing pupil in the College in her GCSEs last year.

    Miss Ismail commented. “The role of head girl is not only the leading figure of the prefect team, but also the representative face of the girl’s school. It's very important for me to be a fair and approachable figure in this part, to make sure the ideas, concerns and opinions of the student body are expressed and actioned, to ensure we all play a part in the school community.

    Throughout the school and across all year groups, I would like to achieve a fun, relaxed and comfortable working environment and strengthen the school spirit. I would like to introduce more student led events, work closer with teachers and pave the way for more ambitious ideas and effective changes to be made in the future. I want to leave Brighton College knowing that I inspired confidence and creativity in students and that I created something new and exciting for the school. I would like to be remembered as the Head Girl who made a difference.

    Aditya Kanojia joined Brighton College Al Ain just last summer, transferring from Al Ain English Speaking School, and is studying Computer Science, Mathematics and Psychology where he also achieved an impressive set of GCSE results.

     “The role of Head Boy is one of the most prestigious roles a student can attain and comes with its fair share of responsibilities in every school. There is a unique opportunity at Brighton College Al Ain because the school is so young. I have authority on decisions regarding the Sixth Form, the prefect team and the Student Council all the way down to the middle school. These decisions could have a lasting impact on the school for many years to come and therefore I'm looking forward to focussing on this role with the utmost priority. I want to create a student body which believes they have a voice in how the school is run, where students come not only to learn but push themselves in every aspect of their lives. Brighton College Al Ain offers many opportunities for students to improve in sport, teamwork, public speaking and the pursuit of passions and hobbies. To make every student know that they hold a voice and a place in the school community is my ultimate goal.

    What I plan to develop over the next year is an environment which is constantly evolving and adapting for the future. I would like to set the foundation of an organisational structure which guarantees the cultivation of innovative ideas. I want my lasting legacy to be a school where determined students can leave knowing they had left their own lasting legacy too.

    Both pupils, who are British, are looking at studying at university in the UK after graduating from Brighton College Al Ain.

    Mr. Hall, head of Sixth Form, praised all of the pupils who put themselves forward for these high profile positions and said, "we are looking forward immensely to the coming academic year and I am particularly pleased to have such a strong team of prefects with whom to work and develop so much of what already makes us a close College community. I am particularly pleased that Malak and Aditya will be leading that team forward".