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    What's Coming Up Next At Brighton College Al Ain

    What's Coming Up Next At Brighton College Al Ain

    Whole College Notices


    Community Choir and Orchestra

    The Brighton College Al Ain Community Choir and Orchestra will start rehearsals again on Monday 4th February at 7pm, in the boy’s school music rooms. All ages are welcome to both groups this term (not just adults).

    Junior School Notices


    Complimentary Guided Dance ECA

    We will be holding a complimentary, guided dance class on Monday 21st January from 2:40-3:50 pm, for pupils in Years 1-5. Please contact Early Years reception to register, or email
    Children will be collected from class at 2:40 pm. Parents can collect pupils from the Art Room at 3:50 pm. Children can come in PE kit or change to more comfortable clothing before the start of class.

    February Workshops ‘Head, Shoulders, Fingers and Toes!’ – Year 1 – 5

    In the Early Years and beyond the importance of developing strong gross and fine motor skills is essential for successful emerging Literacy and writing skills.  We would like to invite you to a parent workshop on Thursday 21st February at 8 am in the Art room in the new building. This is primarily aimed towards FS1 and FS2 parents but could also be of value to Y1 parents. 

    Senior School Notices


    Year 8 and 9 Parent Consultations 

    Parents and Carers are invited to attend the Year 8 & 9 parent consultation meeting for this academic term.  The meeting will be on Wednesday 23rd January from 4.00-7.30 pm. The evening will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your child’s academic performance, their general effort and progress.

    Wellbeing Day

    Wellbeing Day is taking place on Tuesday 22nd January. Parents should be advised that the approaching road to the College will be closed from approximately 9:00am to 11:00am (access available from the college to the truck road), in order for the pupils to participate a Wellbeing Day walk.