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    What's coming up next at Brighton College?

    What's coming up next at Brighton College?

    Whole College Notices


    Registration 2018-19

    Applications are now open for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Interested parents are invited to complete an application form at www.brightoncollegealain/Apply-Online or contact the Admissions Team for further information at  telephone 037133918/4 
    تسجيل الطلاب الجدد للعام الدراسي 2018-2019 
    طلبات التسجيل متوفرة حاليا للعام الدراسي 2018-2019. ندعو الأهالي المهتمين لاستكمال طلب التسجيل على: www.brightoncollegealain/Apply-Online أو التواصل مع قسم التسجيل لمزيد من المعلومات على الإيميل التالي: او رقم هاتف 713391803

    PE Kit requirement

    The PE Department are looking forward to seeing your child participate in lessons and also the wide range of sporting ECAs that will be on offer in both the Junior and Senior Schools. To enable your child to participate fully in all activities please ensure your child has the correct kit which consists of:


    PE Kit
    Water Bottle
    Swimming (For FS2 pupils and above)
    Swimming Kit – navy blue or black College approved swimwear
    Swim Hat
    Water Bottle
    Senior School: Please ensure that your child has a separate set of clothing poolside to wear in the event of an emergency evacuation. For example, an old T Shirt for boys and a robe or long dress with sleeves for girls.  
    Pupils will not be able to participate in PE or Swimming if they are wearing any jewellery. As per Health and Safety regulations, staff are not allowed to assist pupils in removing earrings.  
    لوازم التربية الرياضية
    أن دائرة التربية الرياضية تتطلع لمشاركة أبنائكم وبناتكم في الدروس وفي الأنشطة الرياضية االمتعددة في المدرسة الابتدائية والمدرسة العليا.
    ليستطيع طفلكم المشاركة في جميع الانشطة، يرجى التأكد من تأمين اللوازم التالية:
    ملابس السباحة - أزرق نيلي أو أسود وموافق عليها من الكلية
    قبعة للسباحة
    قنينة ماء
    للتربية الرياضية
    ملابس التربية الرياضية
    قنينة ماء
    حذاء رياضي
    لطلاب المدرسة العليا الرجاء التأكد من تأمين ملابس إضافية احتياطاً لحالات الطوارئ التي تتطلب الإخلاء السريع للمسبح. على سبيل المثال قميص طويل للأولاد وروب أو فستان طويل بأكمام للبنات.
    لن يستطيع الطلاب ممارسة الأنشطة الرياضية أو السباحة إذا كانوا يلبسون المجوهرات. وسياسة الصحة والسلامة لا تسمح للمعلمين أو المعلمات بمساعدة الطلاب على خلع الحلق.

    Junior School Notices


    Parent Consultation Meetings

    A reminder that the Junior School Parent Consultation Meetings will take place on Wednesday 15th November between 3.10pm-6.30pm. Please make sure that your children are collected promptly at the end of the school day as there will be no supervision offered for children.

    ‘A Fridge too Far’

    Year 3 and 4 will be performing 'A Fridge too Far' on Wednesday 22nd November at 1.00 pm in the College Theatre. The production is based on a time travelling fridge which journeys through the Year 3 and 4 topics on an epic adventure. All parents are cordially invited to attend and we look forward to welcoming you on the day!

    Senior School Notices



    Our second Tunes@Teatime performance for the year is this Monday (13th) at 4:30pm. Please join the Performing Arts Department in supporting our talented pupils for an informal concert with tea and a sweet treat in the Girls’ Dining Hall.

    Outside play 

    Senior School boys will now be allowed to access the playing fields during the Lunch Break. Please note that for Health & Safety reasons, pupils will only be allowed on to the field if they have a named College hat and a full water bottle. We thank you for your support.