Outstanding academic results are a recurring factor of a Brighton College education. In the UK, Brighton College has consistently been ranked as one of the top schools in the country; over the last five years, its pupils have achieved results that place it in the top 1% of all schools in England. 

In the UAE, Brighton College Al Ain has already established itself as one of the leading 3-18 British Curriculum schools in the Middle East, achieving three consecutive ‘Outstanding’ ratings from ADEK. 

Our pupils work hard and achieve very high standards. In the past five years, our pupils have been awarded a Pearson Edexcel Outstanding Achievement Awards, for attaining top GCSE and A Level marks worldwide and the UAE.

Year 12 pupils that attained the highest mark in the world for GCSE Arabic were:

Amir Almarzooqi, Donia Odeh, Dana Fakhouri

The highest mark in the UAE for GCSE Spanish was awarded to:

Sarah Johnson

The highest mark in the UAE for A Level Biology was awarded to:

Sara Kidher

Over the past five years Brighton College pupils have gone to some of the world's finest universities:

  1. 85 to Cambridge
  2. 61 to Oxford
  3. 61 to Bristol
  4. 49 to Leeds
  5. 53 to Exeter
  6. 59 to UCL