Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Brighton College prides itself on the breadth of education it provides. A key attraction of the College is the range of activities that take place beyond timetabled lessons, which enrich the lives of our pupils. Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities after school, enable pupils to pursue cultural interests and sporting activities, or just try something new from many different activities.

We are keen to ensure that we know all of our pupils as individuals and that through this we can help them to find their talents and passions. By offering a wide range of activities we hope to provide all pupils with exciting and stimulating experiences which enhance their learning within the classroom and beyond. 

In the Junior School, ECAs run after the school day and offer all pupils in Years 1-5 the opportunity to take part in a multitude of clubs throughout the week such as Gymnastics, Construction, Acting, Art club, Spanish and many more. The ECA Programme is modified every six weeks to allow for a wide range of activities to be covered over the course of the year and ensure we have something fun for everyone to get involved in.

In the Senior School, pupils have the opportunity to take part in programmes such as Debating, Advanced Latin, Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Chess Leagues, Science club, Eco School, Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Awards. Activities are regularly reviewed and renewed to ensure options reflect the diverse skills, interests and enthusiasms of our community, and ensure that pupils enjoy a well-rounded educational experience from which they can draw influence and inspiration long after they have left us.

Brighton’s commitment to the world beyond the classroom is a key element of our wider curriculum.

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