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Middle School (Year 6 to Year 8)

As pupils move from the Junior School to the Senior School, they continue their broad general education and are exposed to increasing depth studies and focus within subject disciplines. 

Pupils study traditional academic subjects such as Science, English, Maths and Humanities. Language skills are developed through the study of Arabic, French and Spanish for all pupils. Year 6 pupils also get the opportunity to study performing arts as well as music, culminating in their own end of year production.

Alongside this sits a portfolio of subjects that go beyond the academic. These offer our pupils a space to push the boundaries, make connections between disciplines and broaden their horizons beyond the syllabus. This is a key element of our provision, equipping pupils with a wealth of powerful skills and behaviours to complement the strong grounding of knowledge and understanding provided by the academic curriculum. 

Upper School (Year 9 to Year 11)

Year 9

Year 9 prepares pupils for the (I)GCSE syllabus to transition pupils smoothly from Middle School. This specialised curriculum, and the delivery of it, is innovative whilst academically rigorous, thus challenging pupils to think creatively, think analytically, think critically and become inquisitive learners. Upper School pupils are expected to be able to work independently and begin to use their learning in a variety of different contexts. Year 9 pupils study the same academic subjects as in Year 8, but at a more in-depth level. 

Year 10 and Year 11

From Music and Maths to Science and Humanities, each subject area has designed an engaging academic programme that meets all the relevant GCSE and IGCSE specifications, whilst exploring a range of wider contextual concepts and issues. Pupils in the Upper School will also have the opportunity to study Ministry of Education Arabic and Islamic Studies (where appropriate) and a non-examined Physical Education course. The breadth of knowledge, skills and experiences your child will explore during their Upper School education will provide an excellent foundation for further study at A-Level and beyond.  

The (I)GCSE programme is comprised of both compulsory and optional subjects, allowing pupils to make some choices about the disciplines that they will engage in through the course of Years 10 and 11 whilst ensuring that key subjects are included and that a broad and balanced programme of study is maintained.

The compulsory subjects at (I)GCSE Level are Mathematics, English Language, English Literature (or Second Language English where appropriate) and Science (all pupils will take the Combined Science ‘Double Award’ that is worth two GCSEs and comprises of Biology, Chemistry and Physics modules. They will have the choice of selecting the Triple Award as part of their optional subjects if they wish).

The optional subjects at (I)GCSE are in the table below:

Art & Design


Business Studies 

Music BTEC


Physical Education






Triple Science