At Brighton College Al Ain we recognise the importance of providing an educational experience that goes beyond the normal boundaries of the classroom.

With this in mind, we pride ourselves on the number and variety of trips and activities we offer to our pupils. All trips are meticulously planned and creatively delivered to enhance classroom learning in ways that excite and enthuse our pupils, whether providing opportunities to view ancient relics, learn a language in a European city or scuba dive in the ocean depths.

Trips also play a key role in developing the independence, leadership skills and confidence of our pupils. They are a particularly popular feature of life at the College and continue to develop ever stronger relationships between both pupils and staff. Over the course of an academic year, Brighton pupils enjoy access to trips in each and every discipline of school life.

In addition, pupils at Brighton College enjoy a range of themed learning days, to enrich our curriculum, including Maths Challenge Week, Book Week and Sports Day, which blends outright competition with opportunities for all children to participate.