The Brighton College family of schools is synonymous with innovation and academic excellence.

Brighton College was founded in 1845 and is today one of the UK’s leading schools. Academic results consistently place Brighton among the top 3 schools for boys and girls in England.

Every year, more and more of Brighton’s pupils secure places at the UK’s top universities, across the Russell Group and Oxford and Cambridge. In 2016-17, 53 pupils at Oxford and 64 at Cambridge University came from Brighton College. In 2017, 31 pupils received offers of university places at Oxford or Cambridge.

Brighton’s focus upon inspirational teaching and curricular innovation, together with a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each child, lie at the heart of a Brighton College education.

All of these are hugely important factors that parents describe as having influenced them in choosing a Brighton College education for their son or daughter. Above all else, however, parents remark upon the warm, happy, vibrant and positive atmosphere.

First and foremost, a Brighton education offers a caring, supportive and tolerant environment in which children thrive and love to learn.

Brighton College’s sister schools around the world aim to replicate the outstanding academic success, innovative approach to education and supportive atmosphere of Brighton College UK.

These are: