Sixth Form (Year 12 and Year 13)

A curriculum that prepares you for the future

In the Sixth Form, most pupils will take three A-levels over the two years. The A-level ensures pupils develop a mastery of several complementary or contrasting subject areas, whilst allowing them also to pursue options in areas of strong personal interest. All of our A-level subjects are taught by specialist teachers who have a passion for the topic and who are there to support you as you make your choices for university and beyond. The A-levels' combination of rigour and specialism makes it an ideal preparation both for university and working life. Pupils can select from:

English Literature Maths

Biology Chemistry

Physics French

Spanish Arabic

History Geography

Economics Business

Psychology ICT

Computer Science Drama

Art Music


A-level results

Our Sixth Form numbers have grown year-on-year, with many pupils coming to the College to ensure their final two years of school produce the results that allow them to realise their university ambitions. 

A-level Results Page

Academic Life

Our Sixth Form pupils see their academic life as being more than just a focus on their A-level grades. We encourage a deeper love of learning through independent study, reading and research. We have a number of pupil led initiatives that provide opportunities to develop their understanding and engagement with their chosen field of interest.


Pupils wishing to apply for university courses in the United Arab Emirates (all public universities and some private universities) are now required to sit Emirates Standardised Assessment Tests in English, Arabic, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science at the end of the Lower Sixth. If you are not studying these subjects at A-level we will do our best to provide you with the necessary encouragement and support although a strong performance at GCSE will normally be sufficient preparation. 

Ministry of Education Arabic and Islamic Studies

Sitting the full MOE course and the final examinations is advised only for those pupils seeking the UAE High School Equivalency diploma. 


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