A warm welcome to Brighton College Al Ain, proud to be called ‘World Class’ by ADEK and rated Outstanding in 2016, and again in 2018.

For a school to reach this standard so quickly after opening in 2013 is really remarkable. It came about through the dedication and hard work of pupils and staff, with the support and encouragement of parents. I know the College will continue to go from strength to strength in the years ahead, and be a wonderful choice of school for your children.

We have many advantages. The College is a unique mix of Emirati and expatriate children from all over the world, coming together to experience the very best of British international education. It is a partnership between two organisations of exceptionally high quality. First, Brighton College, well known in the UK not only as one of the very top academic schools, but one which also consistently innovates and leads the sector in its approach to getting the best from every child and giving them a true sense of their place in the world. Second, Bloom Education - a National Holding company - which is committed to helping finance and support the College’s journey to international excellence through top class facilities at our impressive campus.

Here we believe in the importance of the individual. Your child will be valued for his or her unique talents, and be happy and fulfilled as they grow to adulthood. I very much hope you will visit the College with them, to see what being part of Brighton College is all about.

Dr Ken Greig , Head Master