Pastoral Care

Brighton College Al Ain prides itself on the Pastoral care provided. As a team, we have worked hard to embed our values creating a culture of kindness, compassion and a real love of learning. The children feel cared for and this creates an environment of trust where the children feel safe to make ‘marvellous mistakes’ and accepting of feedback.

The Pastoral system is overseen by dedicated Deputy Heads, that ensures all children and staff feel supported in academic, pastoral and personal matters. 

All pupils are allocated a House, which is led by a House Master or Mistress. They champion their House to success and provide many inter house challenges, sports fixtures, competitions and events. Encouraging challenge and team spirit through fabulous events such as Innovation and Enterprise week and Brighton’s Got Talent.

The children are actively encouraged to do their best for their House to achieve House points aiming for the House cup shared during weekly assemblies, celebrated with their House chant.

Brighton College Al Ain offers numerous leadership opportunities for the pupils as we believe pupil voice is so important in shaping the school we want to be. The children respond so well to responsibility through our Playground Buddy scheme, Prefect roles, Eco-Council or Pupil Council. All actively supporting one another to make our school a better place.

Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of every single child at Brighton College Al Ain is of paramount importance. We play an active role in providing and ensuring social, physical and emotional well-being for pupils. Our teachers are trained to observe this aspect of a child’s development and to be able to intervene if required.

We have 2 full-time qualified nurses at the school who work with teachers to understand any medical needs of the children.

We recognise that everyone can benefit from some extra support with social and emotional challenges at times. Our pupils are cared for on a day to day basis by their House Teams who know each individual very well and can identify quickly when support is required. If there is a need, we have an outstanding counselling service that works directly with pupils, and provides guidance to pastoral staff to support pupils in the most appropriate way. 

 This is why our outstanding ADEK inspection heralded "an extremely strong ethos of pastoral care" in which the College "treats every student as a valued individual."