We create possibilities for our pupils to enquire, discover, invent, and become excited about their learning be it online or at school. 

At Brighton College Al Ain we have made E-Learning manageable, exciting, and personalised through cross-curricular programmes that foster knowledge, understanding, and the spirit of enquiry. Pupils are provided with a rich and balanced curriculum which inspires them to be creative, enterprising, and innovative. Pupils also receive prompt, regular and specific feedback on their work which is impactful and enables the pupil to develop their learning and make progress.

We focus on building pupil’s communication skills, personal, social, and emotional well-being so that they can be the best version of themselves. The daily sessions with class teachers provide an opportunity for the teacher to ‘meet’ the class at the start of the day, explain the daily plan and check in with the pupils. 

Our E-Learning programme for Pre-Prep and Prep school is sustainable and engaging while promoting international mindedness. Along with pre-recorded lessons, we also implement various play-based activities replete with opportunities to explore and research topics which are current and relevant, thus embedding their learning, ensuring that meaningful and memorable links are made. 

Where tailored e-learning sessions cater to our individual pupil’s strengths and needs.

The scheduled one to one meetings with teachers play a vital role in extending learning. Apart from ensuring that pupils were able to accomplish the given tasks, teachers also address any concerns pupils may have. These tailored sessions ensure that good routines are developed and that an attitude of scholarly endeavour is supported and achieved through the completion of engaging prep tasks.

Parent and teacher conferences are regularly scheduled to share academic progress, to discuss pupils’ strengths and needs and to provide any additional parental support that may be required throughout the E-learning provision. 

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Where our Culture of Kindness meets the needs of our community.

Brighton College Al Ain has a wonderful sense of community and all our parents, teachers, friends, and connections are important to us. This begins with the commitment to clear, regular and informative communication going out to parents and ends with an amazing sense of support and unity from everyone through a plethora of joint initiatives. 

Be it fun fitness initiatives such as The Cheeky Challenge PE sessions , or recording and sharing their own messages to express solidarity and support for frontline workers, or the exciting Brighton’s Got Talent show for pupils, we are all in this together- part of something special and extraordinary- the Brighton family.


Parent Testimonials

What you do to support our children and us as families is just amazing.
Your attitude toward the children is beyond exceptional.
 – FS2 Parent 

'If we were to pinpoint the success of  distance learning for our family (it is tough to keep the momentum going), it has been the personalised provision and feedback for our son. The class teacher gives all of the children in the class regular ‘shout outs’, he shares praise and examples of the pupil work for the class to see.​​​' -Year 1 Parent

'We appreciate all the hard work and support from the entire Brighton team. I
truly believe we are in the best hands
’ – Year 2 Parent

'The fact that we have one streamlined place to find work and receive feedback has made this process more manageable. We are extremely pleased and grateful for the support available as or when we may require it.' - Year 3 Parent


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